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Unban Apeal

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ok i created another topic before but it has been a long while and i havent got a resonse and it eneded up being several replys long with things that i messed so here is my new one

ingame name jellyfish999111

date of ban - january 6

server banned from minecraft.nl

who banned me- a bot (i think)

reason i got banned spamming

why i should be unbanned-

please unbann me i was banned by a bot for spamming. although i didnt spam. several days before the ban i acidentally inputted a code incorrectly several times not knowing about the bot which then kicked me. now when i got banned several days later i was just trying to send a message to another player /tell but when i typed it in and pressed enter i got banned for spamming. so could you please unban me.

thanks in advance jelyfish999111

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