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Gameserver: Mr. Green - Zombie Survival

Age: 15(27.12.1991)

Country of origin: Sweden

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: im dynlan.

i'm a nice person, like to talk and help others, and i think i should fit as admin because i do not abuse, follow the rules, and respect other players. i also get along with many players, which i think is a very good think. well worth a try. :)

edit: i think you who set up this application to speak and get more known to the players that seek the application thing, even if you know them as friend you has to know them more, or hell do i know :L

im really thinkful or i dont know how to spell it :D but like i think before i talk to people, so im nice.. or i dont know how to describe it in english but you know.. XD

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