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[Admin Application] Deluvas


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Gameserver: Mr Green Zombie Survival Apocalypse

Age: 17

Country of origin: Romania

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Firstly, i would like to start with my passion for zombie survival gamemode that keeps burning in me since summer 2007. I played on Mr Green Server since then, and i think that no other ZS server beats this one :P. I can speak English fluently, although sometimes i make common mistakes or typos (or i am too blind to read properly) ...

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well ...hehe i think Deluvas isn't expecting I would say that ...but i think he would do well... it seems that many people like him...if he really would do his job as an admin AND WE GET RID OF that fucking glitchers and cheaters...well i would vote him. ROMANIAN GUY AS ADMIN? YES,WE WANT THAT!

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