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Ban Drainal


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I already said I was a big deal Drainal. So you're just copying me. While this proof is pretty personal (Skype), you still spelled epsilon wrong. It comes from the Greeks. I would know because I take Latin, and Epsilon is one of the Greek letters.

We learn something new everyday, like how I already said I was a big deal. And about the spelling/roots of the world Epsilon.

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Well today he just called me annoying just out of the blue when we went on skype; even though I haven't talked to him for months. Then he said: "Kick StupidNameIKnow from the convo" So then I'm like what's your problem kid? And he gets all mad and shit and kicks me out of the faction that I originally ran. Probably jealous 'cause when I'm the leader, more people actually follow; I dunno, just guessing at this point. Have fun fixing your base.

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