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Proof For My Unban


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Okay, as you all know, it can be seen that stardude9 also had this "reconnecting" problem as well as me.

So I don't see why I get banned when it happens to other people as well. It doesn't mean we hack, it just happens.

I feel like this isn't fair because I didn't do anything wrong(well combat logging), but the so called "reconnect" was not on purpose and was not intended.



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Corby, good to see you're back. But he actually hasn't been and I don't see how this is fair. Your server is amazing and it's the only reason I spent $20 on Minecraft.

Im sorry even though I didn't intentionally do this.

I would love to be unbanned.

Corby, I have given your server so much of my time. I need to be unbanned. I was also working on a bridge project to build huge bridges connecting people. I really wanna finish it. Please unban me, for I didn't do anything wrong.

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