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Mr. Green Gaming

Request ban for <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C) & 9-th Dragon


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Server: game-gmod.pngMr. Green GMod #1 | ZOMBIE SURVIVAL | LEFT4GREEN.COM

Ban reason: Ladder glitching.

Proof: Youtube

Chat Log:

[19:37] <MrGreenZS> BoB: stop ladder hacking dragon
[19:37] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: kill stealer
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): i got banned fpr ladder hacking
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): *for
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): yep
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): :3
[19:38] <Kradar> Even tho its not hacking but exploiting
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> +[SP]+ Antz: yeah, I was gonna say it's glitching
[19:38] <Kradar> 2 different things
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): yeah
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): i meant glitching
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: lets not begin to fuck the words up
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C):
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> +[SP]+ Antz: me
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> +[SP]+ Antz: o
[19:38] <MrGreenZS> +[SP]+ Antz: nvm
[19:39] <MrGreenZS> +[SP]+ Antz: I already have one
[19:39] <MrGreenZS> (TEAM) Reiska: f3
[19:39] <MrGreenZS> (TEAM) Reiska: to drop a gun
[19:39] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* SilvEfisK ´Ol DragonTamer: GOD
[19:39] <MrGreenZS> [Carl]Nic_EHack connected.
[19:39] <MrGreenZS> tjmo disconnected ().
[19:39] <MrGreenZS> BoB: dragon u suck
[19:39] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected] connected.
[19:40] <MrGreenZS> Jeito: how do i switch zombie form?
[19:40] <MrGreenZS> SilvEfisK ´Ol DragonTamer: thx
[19:40] <MrGreenZS> Jeito: I haven't played for a while
[19:40] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: dragon you a retard or something
[19:40] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* B◼✘[email protected]: Reiska
[19:40] <MrGreenZS> +[SP]+ Antz: ffs
[19:40] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: i bet they dont teach english is africa
[19:40] <MrGreenZS> 9-th Dragon: gtfo nab
[19:40] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* +[SP]+ Antz: nooby
[19:41] <MrGreenZS> Flutterguy disconnected ().
[19:41] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: lol ragequit
[19:41] <MrGreenZS> +[SP]+ Antz: who?
[19:41] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: goonie and antz kill mr.roadkill
[19:41] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: that brony noob
[19:41] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: no
[19:41] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: the mr hat guy
[19:41] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: but u wanna redeem
[19:41] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: someone likes to ladder glitch
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): me
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): :3
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* +[SP]+ Antz: ffs lag
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: reacord dragon
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> UAE-BEST-SNIPER connected.
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: record
[19:42] <Kradar> Whut happened
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: bob kill me !
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: wtf
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: who launched?
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: he has glitched like 5 times already
[19:42] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: this is good
[19:42] <Kradar> ladder glitching?
[19:43] <MrGreenZS> SilvEfisK ´Ol DragonTamer: its me
[19:43] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: who just got launched halfway across the map?
[19:43] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: yea
[19:43] <Kradar> Not good.
[19:43] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): Damn Fagsties....
[19:43] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: it is good for me
[19:43] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: never liked him anyway
[19:43] <Kradar> Upload
[19:43] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: i bet box is already recording
[19:43] <Kradar> Then, if you dont feel like posting, I'll do it for you
[19:43] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: mr. hat go fuck urself
[19:44] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): i ladder glitched once and without warning i got banned
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> +[SP]+ Antz disconnected ().
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: well you learned your lesson
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> Reiska:
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): yes
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): i did
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): :3
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: he didn't
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> Proscoo connected.
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: I recorded him ladder glitch
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): me?
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: as a commando
[19:45] <MrGreenZS> 9-th Dragon: wana call ban for me>?
[19:46] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: yep
[19:46] <MrGreenZS> 9-th Dragon: nabs
[19:46] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: wow that werent even that dfar...
[19:46] <MrGreenZS> 9-th Dragon: go cry
[19:46] <MrGreenZS> Proscoo disconnected ().
[19:46] <MrGreenZS> [L!F3] The Goonie: nope
[19:46] <Kradar> Dragon you suck.
[19:47] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: oh well my work is done.
[19:47] <MrGreenZS> NakkiSämpylä:
[19:47] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): am I getting banned?
[19:47] <MrGreenZS> SilvEfisK ´Ol DragonTamer: need 1 kill
[19:47] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: for ladder glitching
[19:47] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: idiot
[19:47] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): me?
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: ladder glitched many times whitout a warning
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> Reiska: not you rich
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: Don't worry I'll make a nice little ban report.
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C):
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> {:content:}lt;PAINMAKER>$: rofl
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> Mr. Hat disconnected ().
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected]: cya
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* BoB: fookin fagsties
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> {:content:}lt;PAINMAKER>$: my sucks
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> B◼✘[email protected] disconnected ().
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> 9-th Dragon: gg
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> {:content:}lt;PAINMAKER>$: map
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> CreamPie Mayhem [Nor] connected.
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): box be bannin peeps :3
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* BoB: dragon licks salty balls
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> *DEAD* BoB: lol
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): lol
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> {:content:}lt;PAINMAKER>$: rofl
[19:48] <MrGreenZS> HeDerSgurKaN: helllo
[19:48] <Kradar> Dragon umad?
[19:49] <MrGreenZS> mr.roadkill disconnected ().
[19:49] <MrGreenZS> 9-th Dragon: fus
[19:49] <MrGreenZS> <MLG>Dr.Richtofen(Y-E-C): i only ladder dlitched as human

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