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[BR]: [DruiD] Colonel John


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Seriously, you guys should stop cading that early, the timer is still going down for god's sake.

Says the one who once locked the whole human team out the vents in sewers when it was still 1:10 left until zombie invasion.

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to me, they are stuck, and why cade really early like pufulet says :V

They are stuck? well, then let me make you notice one thing.

You see that medic on the first 4 screenshots? he's far away from the shelf.

On the next 2, he is inside the shelf with the commando.

Plus, the prop's position hasn't changed at all.

Means they could have gotten "unstuck" (they weren't even stuck, actually) very easily (since it's harder to crouch-jump inside that hole than getting out.)

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