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    laggers & vote manipulators

    it just someone would be top1 of this server thats why you see more players here from one team and revote 1 map otherwise more of them even didnt play on mrgreen anyway good luck with it i lost 150 top1 so you are on good way heh
  2. Mateoryt

    MrGreen Test Event

    Nick : Mateoryt Map 1: Closer Map 2: Vorticism 2 Map 3: B!BeR_Do$
  3. Mateoryt


    Dziny you are always welcome on our Race Server someone must replace Kash in buying core markers maps there( just joking)
  4. Mateoryt


    I dont know that write on main chat in english isnt in rules anyway its hard change mentality players to write on chat in only english when by 14 years people can write in each language whenever they want mrgreen its small server if we compare ffs or other rpg and RP servers and these rules couldnt fit to this server btw its only my opinion idk what he does i wasnt then on server and i wont protect him if he broke rules I just writing here my thoughts
  5. Mateoryt

    Mateoryt Admin application

    Game : Multi Theft Auto MTA Server: Mrgreen Race server Age: 25 Country of origin: Poland Discord name **: Mateoryt#4769 In-game name: Mateoryt Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello everybody My name is Mateusz i have 25 years old and live in Poland near big city called Wroclaw. I started played on Mrgreen when was young and had 11 years old in 2007/2008 but then it wasnt my constant server and played in this time too on zombie mode or mini misions. When back to MTA in 2012 after 1 year break I checked how change this server with this time and there meet jack123 who gave me reason that stay on this server,then meet more people with old polish community and good remember this time. On mrgreen had breaks from this server but always back because people which played here are very nice and they arent toxic as on other servers. In 2016 back on this server and assume my first 4fun clan Polish dziki then it was for me something new because I musted find people which would create this clan and not failed on my people but this clan survived to end of 2017 then i had next break.On this server back in 2019 , it was my last break and again created next 4fun clan called Polish Paradise which take to this day and is big polish community on Mrgreen. In may 2020 applicated on admin and from founders I got moderator rights How evaluate my work as moderator: I trying be fair in relation with players and always firstly warned them if they was toxic or blocked other people or maked something which is not allowed. As moderator know rules mrgreen server always can talk with players which had problem with other players or they are new and dont understand everythink which option are available here. with other moderators admins and developers always want have good contact and work together that server was free from toxic people and playing on server was nice ,relaxing and fun. I uploaded more intersting new maps on server mainly old from other servers which somebody forgot uploads here and 99% maps was accepted from map managers I think have aspirations that be admin because I am every day on server ( excluding tournamets which i played ) have good contact with constant players and ofc moderators admins developers. I am nice person which like solve conflicts, didnt make new. I will happy if you choose me as admin because will first polish admin on race server. Now on mrgreen play more players from poland and thats why this server need Polish admin which can react on break rules. i think that ended write my app and see ya in game
  6. Mateoryt


    i can give 51 GC
  7. Mateoryt

    Military Admin Application

    good luck bro i wish you will good admin
  8. Mateoryt

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    half pachanga maps are good at least it is my opinion and i saw as you react on other for example offroad maps sorry but i couldnt trust you and second for me players with map manager role isnt that important as people with moderator or admin rights and as good remember you arent even moderator so i dont know if you have chance be map manager but maybe Im wrong Cena decide about this ,I havent influence for final decision anyway as said before good luck
  9. Mateoryt

    V4POR - Map Manager Application

    I have two indicate which i want divide 1. I know your mentality and propably will you delete all maps which you called shit. I wouldnt make mrgreen as second ffs understand thats server has more shit map but i treat it as challenge for me normal maps are boring but its only my opinion 2. we have as map manager Nick koolaid and Santii and rather this server no need more players with these rights anyway gl in your app
  10. Mateoryt

    Sandro's Administrator Application

    good luck bro
  11. Mateoryt

    Mr.Green Endurance Race

  12. Mateoryt

    Map Manager Application

    + all clan polish paradise gl dude ^^
  13. Mateoryt

    Map Event

    Nick: NET//Mateoryt Map : Epic Sandking if organisator cant find this map pick : promap
  14. Mateoryt

    Mix Clan War #5

    Im not sure where excatly can register team so i do it here Team: Polish Paradise Members: Mateoryt gromghost Hardstyler Pepsiak suckarr mabbyn &more people from my clan i think you can take their to the list dont forget
  15. Mateoryt

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    I not protect my teammate just explain this situation thats all if you give him mute or ban for few days or more i dont care
  16. Mateoryt

    AV.MoXddeR cursing for no reason

    this report havent sense why ? because some polish people insulting in other language for fun(not because have problem to you) example between spanish and polish players greet and say ( feo tu mama hijo de puta etc) or in second side ( kurwa pierdole twoja matka etc) same is this situation moxxder wont insult you because he dont like you it was just 4fun nothing aggresive attack
  17. Mateoryt

    Mateoryt Admin application

    thanks man
  18. Mateoryt

    Mateoryt Admin application

    Gameserver: Mrgreen Race Server Age:24 Country of origin:Poland Discord name **:Mateoryt#4769 Ingame name:Mateoryt Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello everybody My adventure with this server started in 2007/2008 when was young kid but then played on more other servers not only here. In 2012 decide stay constatly on mrgreen because i meet fantastic community with fantastic people which some play to this day. actually im member of clan NET where compete with clans on race gamemode and i think we are top1 in the ranking. On server lead for fun clan Polish Paradise where collecting players from Poland that create polish community of this server( even on mix server).recently i started add new maps on server thats wasnt boring on mrgreen.In 2019 i was member of mrgreen racing team when with other admins, moderators and players with mrgreen community played clan wars. I think you should me choose as admin because im player which is active every day on server. Im friendly person and i think i have good contact with 99% constant players and admins . always try create something on server watch my project "Polish Paradise". I want that server still developing sometimes make streams on twitch and invite players from other servers. Promise I will guard server against toxic players which destroy fun of game. Im mature player and i think i fit ideal on admin Thank you for reading and i will wait for your decision
  19. Mateoryt

    Next Polish Paradise Blocker | mtk

    another day same shit
  20. Mateoryt

    Polish Paradise team Blockers

    Im proud of my team ^^
  21. Mateoryt


    good luck bro
  22. Mateoryt

    B#Mateoryt Spamming my PM

    Yeee Forgot about this
  23. Mateoryt

    B#Mateoryt Spamming my PM

    this option work too on pm ?
  24. Mateoryt

    B#Mateoryt Spamming my PM

    its not reason insult me and behave as idiot , and spamming in your style about invide(before) to clan which you leave you rly have problem with nervous back to mental hospital
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