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  1. V4POR

    TAMAM and MazharK-TR behaving like an animal

    Yeah, very funny, Kash @Gonzalezo Looks like you are on the same intelligence level as him.
  2. Your ingame name: V4POR The player's name who you are reporting: TAMAM and MazharK-TR Which server are you requesting this? MTA Race The reason why this player should get banned: insulting in Turkish, insulting my country , spamming the chat in Turkish, constantly making fun of me Like I've said, I'm not a fan of reporting someone, but my patience is limited still. If I can get muted/banned for "provoking staff" or insulting a rammer, then the things these guys have said shouldn't be allowed, too. Firstly, I warned TAMAM about his unstable ping, because it ruined my race twice, then suddenly he started to say disgusting things towards me. (I would not like to translate most these lines.) He and his friend or idk who, MazharK-TR spammed the chat with Turkish text, I warned them to speak English at least. They didn't give a single fuck, and continued talking shit in Turkish. (While I got warned immediately when I spoke Hungarian. And we are not finding this racism, huh?) I do not report (mainly) him, because he insulted me, but he made embarassing and offensive comments about my family members and my country, too which I find untolerable, and this fact led me to report him. I got enough by this guy, because like 2 years ago, I got muted for 1 week because him, just because he provoked and annoyed me. Now this time I was a bit smarter, and decided to make the system deal with him instead. He is one of the dirtiest people I've ever met online. The screenshots explained this well. I think we should stay away from players like him who throw insults on personal grounds constantly. I really not want to be racist, because I know that these players don't represent the given country. But the fact that the other Turkish player laughed at his untolerable comments and showing him respect is very distressing. Looks like this behavior is somewhat normal in this country's online community... (the proofs are the older reports on the forum.) The fact that this guy is actually 30 (he told his age several times) is also sad, because it seems like he has serious problems in his head, and he entertains himself online with these comments that make any normal person stay away from him. A player named Remp told me an advice that I should ignore him, but you simply can't ignore when he throws disgusting comments towards you. CONCLUSION: Normally, I found the mute/ban option an overused command (because I saw players being punished for the most little reasons sometimes), but actually these functions were invented to prevent players like him, who doesn't know limit of behaving like a normal human being. Also, these kind of comments can actually harm players mentally or verbally, so I didn't make this report for fun.
  3. V4POR

    Mr.Green 15th Anniversary

    No dziny VIP? I would like to see that
  4. V4POR

    Kings of Mix "KoM|"

    Don't worry, I don't want to join anyways.
  5. V4POR

    laggers & vote manipulators

    I can't really comment anything on the laggers case, because this issue occurs me rarely. But the vote manipulations, it's something else. If only the suckarz gang would be the worst case. I know that someone can dislike that maps are getting revoted twice, because suckarz and his teammates has big skill advantage, leaving no chance to you. But in my opinion that's minor compared to other example of this case. And I mean the PP (Polish Paradise) clan now. Because they actually manipulate votes, for example on an evening, there was a map called Rush Hour which I find unplayable, but Patr0, one of the PP members said "4" and interestingly, the map got revoted again. And it's not the only case, it happens kinda often if there are more than 3 people online from the clan. The worst thing happened about this case, which I found an in-game crime, when a player called Nostral was online, and he took advantage of the amount of the online team members, and the maps he bought was revoted ofc, while the other online players didn't want to play it at all. Wonder why? Because he bought maps like I wanna find my destiny, besistask, and Hell Choose Me constantly(!), so you guess how good it was for the race community. When coremarker maps were being bought, interestingly there was already a report towards it, unlike the case I mentioned. These were just my thoughts about the vote manipulation case.
  6. V4POR

    MrGreen Test Event

    I've got informed about Kash being banned. Let's remove his map suggestions.
  7. V4POR

    Moderator Application

    The amount of moderators and admins have become excessive. Need to balance the rate.
  8. V4POR


  9. V4POR

    2 years, nothing has changed

    It's disgusting to see that staff stands next to a player like him. (Again) He is a laughing material basically, but when he gets protected,it can be annoying and I can understand Okan's fustration. Btw, he always saves himself with the line "ram is allowed", referring to a rule. But he outplays the rule itself, his moves are basically the same as going to the wrong way or skip checkpoints to block someone. This move serves the same purpose as the "blocker" moves mentioned earlier. So it makes no sense in my opinion, and this phenomenon can upset a lot of players, and of course those will be punished who are provoked by this ramming thing. (Based on personal experience,this happened with several players ramming me.) So Kash, don't get surprised,if someone tries to give back what you did to him, and stop capturing every single moment when players are trying to give you back what you deserve most of the time. These captures makes you seem innocent, while the opposite is happening. Same happening with insults towards you. If you mock someone, it's fine, if someone gives you back, you report him or threaten him with punishment. Update: Did you really post a 3 year old video as proof? Nice....
  10. Let's make solutions like this too when Nostral will come back.
  11. Kash are you that stupid, for real? I actually stood out for your beloved coremarker maps and you decided to flame me. Nice. I found unfair that there was silence when buying maps was an actual problem, and now there is a forum report at a much smaller problem. Well, even fun maps like coremarker can be boring I guess, but the problem is not that big,unlike when Hell Choose Me and maps like this were being bought all day. This was my opinion,where was the "cry"? Do you think I care about your childish threats? Thanks to you, I change my vote from "no" to "yes".
  12. Again, repeating myself. Hell Choose Me, Destiny, race-besistask, all of them are enjoyable for 1 or maybe 2 players. Being bought by the same guy, 3 times per day, 3 rounds per play. This went for months. - silence Marker maps which were made with the purpose to have fun playing with. Enjoyed by most of players. Not being bought by the same guy. - riot
  13. V4POR

    BYEBYE buying the map as usual map nts sprint

    The problem with this rule is there are some players who buy bad/long/extremely difficult maps constantly. Some of them even do it as trolling. Otherwise, Byebye didn't cause a problem, since NTS maps are enjoyable.
  14. V4POR

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Didn't know that you're a female.
  15. I wanted to do this comment at the original post because Haxardous stated questionable statements about me,but the topic got closed suddenly,not having me a chance to answer. They have done pretty much to earn my negative reputation about them, especially gromghost,since I've talked with Hulpje after the incident. "Playing the opressed one" is only standing out for myself, I don't force anyone to defend me or feel sorry for me. "Not because of anyone else?" Your buddy gromghost used to ram me everytime I was close to him,even when I was silent and didn't talk to him. Also,I offered him making agreement TWICE,yet he didn't live with the chance. I am just a player who is not afraid to say his opinions and doesn't let negative impressions about himself for those who isn't familiar with me. But you know what,to make things clear and not "playing the opressed one" for once, I admit that I took things further with Hulpje, I just don't like his destiny maps because it used to being bought as a troll map,and since we've talked on Discord,I don't have problem with his personality. Yet I will never be sorry for gromghost. About the "shit map" term which is often used by other players too, I criticize the map,not the author. I use it too much,I try to avoid it,but some low quality maps piss me off still. I am and always will be respectful for friendly players and won't be with those who are *ssholes to me. Speaking of pictures, what should I think about you and gromghost, when you make comments like this about me? (I was muted at the second picture and they were about deleting my bugged top, which I wouldn't have problem itself alone.)
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