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  1. terminator154

    Random nostalgia

    I literally have no idea what @Chikennugget1 is referring to, so no worries @Cena. I'll hop into the discord later today, gonna work on my online classes and then lube up my mechanical keyboard and put some new keycaps on it.
  2. terminator154

    Random nostalgia

    Thank you for the quick response Cena! I've been getting ready for my online classes this semester, stuff is stressful, all the boomer teachers are very unorganized I very much look forward to a revival of old school zombies, I know a few extra people that would want to play too. Thanks to you and everyone else's hard work! Many of my memories in ZS are from a very young age, I am only 21 right now, so I know I'm a youngin compared to a lot of the veterans, but starting a classic server has got me so pumped!
  3. terminator154

    Random nostalgia

    Hey guys, don't really know what I am doing at 5am on this forum page. I was just sifting through old youtube videos of Mr.Green servers, really miss the old days. Saw Cena's post about having a classic ZS server up this summer, although it seems summer is over soon. I was very young when I started playing back in the day, just recently came back to GMod for fun, joined the newer servers and found them bloated and boring. Is there any future for ZS in 2020? Classic ZS I mean. Sorry if I am disturbing the forums or anything asking this question, I would fully support a server like that if it were to open. I miss the good old days -Jon
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