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  1. pub

    I created zs_pub, map backstory.

    Thanks for the feedback, it feels very rewarding knowing that 14 years later this map still has some use.
  2. Hi All, I stumbled upon this community after feeling nostalgic and googling for any references of my maps. I was surprised to find that from the number of maps I've released and/or posted about, zs_pub has seemingly the largest online footprint. What was most surprising to me was reading a recently posted deviation claiming that my map was 'a classic' in ZS circles and that it was created by an unknown author. Whomever posted the deviation was correct that I released the map under the name 'Lamar', as I had a handle with that name at Facepunch. I have since posted on mapping communities under a few different handles. I can't recall exactly when I released this map, but I believe it was in 2006 when I was 15 or 16 at the time. Zs_pub was actually my first released map and I spent about three weeks developing it. At the time ZS players did not have the option of setting up barricades and had to rely on pushing props on their own to setup barricades, most rounds of ZS saw the human team get wiped out. I disliked how players would camp in single-entranced rooms in most maps and/or would run outside only to get inevitably killed, so I set out to create a small map that would force human players to work as a team and bunker down in a building with a number of entrances/weak points for the zeds to take advantage of. The map's design was influenced by 'Shaun of The Dead' and 'House of The Dead 2'. Upon the map's release I only played the map several times before never playing ZS again and moving on with other mapping projects, namely contributing as a level designer for Goldeneye: Source until 2011 with the intention of building up a portfolio to become a professional level designer - zs_pub was never included in my listed works as it looked amateur. I work as a security engineer these days and I haven't mapped in four years, my last work was unreleased and meant to be a TTT map --- a glimpse of it can be seen below Since I never stuck around or even realized that this map apparently was played for years after its initial release, I am very curious to hear feedback on it and how long it stuck around for. inb4 cool story bro
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