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Hl2 NPC Test!

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Map is a bit ugly but I thought I did a good enough job ^^

Oo, really nice. You have got to show me how you did this. Anyway,the part when the SWAT(?) team regrouped and then stormed the building looked rather realistic, gj =)

:D the ai_assault system is pretty good.

Looks nice. We need that in Zombie Survival :P .

The map looks nice? ;s

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Looks nice. We need that in Zombie Survival :P .

The map looks nice? ;s

No, how you did that NPC stuff :o .

It's not that hard.. But requires some patience.

By creating assault rally points, you can make the NPCs meet up where you like and then it's just a matter of placing appropriate nodes for them to follow.

I think I'll make a better one with a bigger house and more NPCs -> maybe make the dropship land on the roof before all the combine rappel in through the skylights.

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