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Csem Ban Appeal


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1. Csem

2. 3/15/12

3. Minecraft.nl

4. Unknown, probably Clavus as he is the ban god :D

5. Most likely for x-ray as was stated on the ban

6. I've been playing this server for some time now since summer of last year approximatley, and have not cheated or used x-ray in the several months of playing. Personally i don't see the point, it makes the game to easy and thus boring, making me lose interest and stop playing. I believe you were incorrect in banning me as i was not using x-ray. However i do understand why i was interpreted to be using the x-ray mod as i had recently come across a few large quantaties of diamond in a relatively close area just randomly mining in random directions as i quite often do. I understand that to catch x-rayers you use an algorithm which calculates the amount of diamond per non-diamond block mined and is most likely the reason of my banning. I would appreciate if you would consider unbanning me as i have enjoyed playing on this server over the past several months and would like to continue playing on it because out of the multitude of servers i have played on this is one of the better and more balanced faction servers out there.



P.S. Also i would appreciate if you described what led to my banning if the above is the incorrect reason for my banning. Thanks

P.P.S. Looking through other unban appeals, it says x-ray bans are permenant, understandable of course, but is it to the extent that you can't edit the ban. Just curious, if so that would appear to be a major flaw, should anyone ever be wrongly banned.

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There are far more parameters that are looked at than the one you described. Xray bans made by the automated system are indeed permanent and I'm certain that it'll avoid false-positives in 99.9% of the cases.

So whats the point of having a ban appeal system if you can't unban people, seems pretty redundant. Well i hold to the truth that i have not at any point used xray on the server. It's a shame as i thoroughly enjoyed playing the server. Thanks for at least looking at it and answer my queries. Best of luck and keep up the good work with the server.


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