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  1. Clavus

    E3 Chat

    I'm going to be the mystery guest in the group chat. Oh wai-
  2. Goddamnit Necro. If your email doesn't have two-factor authentication, that'd be pretty silly of you.
  3. I've been letting this linger for a while now, but seeing as Ywa is gearing up a new Mr. Green refresh soon, it's time to review my role. Ever since I stopped managing the Minecraft server I haven't been active here. Truth is I moved onto other games. Plus I'm working on finishing up my education and finally graduate from university. After that I hope to start a professional game development career, specializing in the new wave of virtual reality gaming So from today forward, I'm no longer part of the TopCrew. It's been many fun years. I joined back in 2006 / 2007 after regularly playing on the GMod Zombie Survival. After I started modding it, things just kept on going. The donation system, !ravebreak, Infected Wars, Team Fortress 2 Arena / Payload, Minecraft... lots and lots of hours spend on those. I still remember the topic that introduced Minecraft to the community. Our very first survival multiplayer server, and the many worlds that came after. I want to thank everyone that made these years enjoyable and worthwhile. The regulars, the forum goers, and the people that bravely stood on the frontlines as game admins. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks Ywa for giving this opportunity and managing the server back-end. I'll probably drop by from time to time to hear the mandatory "everything was so much better when you were around" comments You can always add me on Steam if you haven't already. I'm always interested in chatting about gaming or game dev topics. Still playing games on a daily basis (Battlefield 4 and Arma III nowadays). Game on everyone
  4. We installed a new forum skin. Inserted the Mr. Green smiley in the header. Feels like home already.
  5. Now I'm going to have to be paranoid about where he got the password Should've changed it ages ago though. It was not a good password.
  6. It'd be possible to use Factions as a base for anything custom. You can fork the code from GitHub and implement the features. Still, a lot of work :/ But man, I'm liking my resource idea more and more. Let's go over the design ideas: Factions can only be created by a few appointed players (which we would determine before map reset). These leaders invite other players, can appoint officers (that can do some of the administration and claiming), and lead the whole joint. Normal members can only build in appointed chunks.The faction leader could appoint "missions" for the faction (such as "build a town hall", "build a wall", "gather x things"). These are purely to make faction members act in a more coherent way.Each faction will be build around a set of chests, these are your faction resource chests.Resource chests come in the variants faction upkeep and faction quest.The faction upkeep chest is at the core of it all. You need to keep this filled with food, water and other specific items it asks for. Every x minutes the server 'consumers' the contents it asked for (for example '10 bread, 5 buckets of water, 50 coal'). If it cannot find all the required resources, it'll apply a negative effect to the whole faction.These faction effects can be both positive and negative. Each of them last a limited amount of time. Think of effects like "all faction members take 200% damage from others", "all faction members now heal faster", things like that.The faction quest chest also asks for resources (or specific deeds), but doesn't require these in a timely manner. For example, it could ask for "20 diamonds". When you deliver these you get a reward. This could be another item or a positive faction effect.PvP wouldn't be as important, but sometimes stealing resources or factions quests can require the sacrifice of a fellow human... (another idea: resources could drain faster from your faction chest if your members are getting killed a lot)So what would this all mean? Well first off: There is a constant ongoing need for upkeep and resource gathering for the the faction.There are separate quests for people to entertain themselves with, and which can benefit their entire faction.Trading would become more important to meet your upkeep quota.I think it's a great idea. Problems: lot of development time needed. Lot of balancing needed (upkeep costs needed with amount of players online).
  7. I like the idea of resource control. For example, there are three factions / towns at the start of the map. Every one is lead by a single player, who can appoint officers. Every faction has a resource chest. This chest cannot be moved or destroyed. You have to put resources into it to keep your faction alive, such as food and money. By paying enough of a specific resource, you can claim more land and increase the size of your faction. If you don't provide enough food for your faction (it saps over time), you might lose land. There could be specific fetch quests for resources that give your faction bonuses such as damage resistance. But yeah, these ideas require quite a lot of development time. Isn't there a plugin (or combination of plugins) that does this already?
  8. Suggestions and ideas for the Minecraft server. Factions had its run, the formula is played out by now (we had it for nearly 20 world resets!). We need something fresh. I'd love to see a gamemode that promotes both survival, and building of interesting structures. PvP combat should be secondary, because Minecraft is terrible for PvP. Links to Bukkit plugins are handy.
  9. Yeah, we're creatively dead in the water at the moment. It feels like Factions is played out, we need something new. I'll probably open a suggestion topic.
  10. It's finally ready for the public: http://www.clavusaurus.net



      Gears are still clipping :V

  11. Man not this topic again.
  12. Clavus

    Factions 2.0

    I've adjust a faction setting. You still can't claim unless connected to your other claims, UNLESS you're stealing someone else's claim (then it doesn't have to be connected). Best of both worlds.
  13. Clavus

    Factions 2.0

    Also before the comments come raining in about the faction player limit (max 4 per faction) I imposed: I want to see if you guys can start using the alliance system more smartly. If you were planning on create a big faction, split up and create a chain of alliances. In Factions 2.0 allies can build on your land and access your chests (the 'old' ally behaviour is now having a 'truce'). It'd be a lot like having a big faction, difference being that you have a clear role / subgroup you're part of within the alliance. You could split up your members into factions specifically for food gathering, mining, hunting mobs, building, etc. And by using the alliance chat you can still talk privately.
  14. Clavus

    Factions 2.0

    Another thing I noticed: there is no longer private faction chat in Factions 2.0. I think that's bullshit so I installed the FactionChat plugin, which brings it back. The only difference is that you now have to use '/fc' to switch channel (or use shortcuts like "/fc f" (faction), "/fc a" (ally) and "/fc p" (public).
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