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Ban Request - Hacking


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I'd like to report a few people hacking on your minecraft server, their in game names are 'Corby' and 'awesomeo-5000' ,they started to open my door to my faction with it all protected, but before that they magically jumped up to my house which was miles in the sky. It just really annoyed me , and spoilt the game for me, i hope you can do something about this ,

My in game name - GokuJrJr

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I have a super modded client that adds a new in game item called Ender Pearls. Basically they drop from Endermen and allow you to jump like they can.

So yeah I got this super modded client then I got some pearls and threw them at your super secure ladder. It was super secure btw. Then I climbed aforementioned ladder to the top. I then began spamming right click to attack through your trap door. At which point I guess one of you attacked back cause it opened and I went through it.

I then used a mixture of MMA and zen like powers to pwn you, reducing your power to the negatives and claimed your base.

If you want this super modded client, simply load up your current minecraft version and click 'update'. You too can teleport like the hackers!

tldr: Enderpearls, f claim, l33t skillz.

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