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Hi to everyone,

Gameserver: Mr.Green Zombie Survival server.

Age: 20 (On my way to 21).

Date of Birth: 10/05/1988

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Edit: (I forgot to introduce myself.. dumb I am)

In real life I'm Geoffrey I'm living in Belgium and I'm 20. I'm currently studying Computer Sciences and I've been playing on Mr.Green Zombie Survival since May 2008 and I love it !

Well, I've already been admin on Mr.Green Zombie Survival server.. Due to my inactivity I've been stripped of being an admln which I totally agree with but I think that was not the only reason I've been deleted of the list :). I Know I made some mistakes in the past and I would like to fix them and talk about it with a TopCrew if possible.

So I already know what the admin duty is. I promise I'll give more attention to players, still being strict as I was with Glitchers / Cheaters / and else..

I'm not in a clan anymore, I'm still the second top player active in the server, I think I have a decent English without being really really good at but I think I can manage myself to be CLEAR. with someone.

My regards,


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