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Mr. Green Gaming

I wouldn't raid aFaction if I was you.

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It was a joke....

@shock, bane of athropods only kills spiders quicker and smite only kills zombies, pig zombies and skeletons. Pretty pathetic for level 40 and 50 enchantments :( lol.

I agree, those are the worst enchantments. tongue.gif
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Oh yeah, one more thing Shadows. Who even are you? I /f who you and you have no land and -2 power.

He's been on the forum for 3 years, you've been on here for 3 months :V The majority of the people on this forum dont just play MineCraft

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fair enough, was only asking.

It's just because he said minecraft dumbness in a nutcase when he is in an unknown faction with no land, and by the sounds of it doesnt play.

I would play the Battlefield server but don't like conquest too much, plus i don't have Karkand and whenever i look its pretty much empty.

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