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Dear Admins (and other readers),

I would like to know what the policy of the Admins is, terms of doing their "magic".

I will explain my interest in this though; Saturday I logged on MC and found out that all our valuable items were missing from the chests. Shocked by this fact, I started thinking who could be responsible for this. I checked which members are mod (thus have access to the particular chests). Four of them (including me) know eachother in real-life, so no need to question those. The four others have been a prominent member of Demacia for quite a while, so I strongly doubt any of them would take it. Impossible to be 100% sure about that, but I like to have some faith in people.

Other than those eight people, only Admins have access to any chest, so maybe you can understand it, if I ask you if it is possible that an Admin takes stuff from another faction's chest without any notice, whatever the reason might be.

Don't get me wrong, I am not accusing anyone, I am merely looking for the truth and an answer to this question could bring me closer to it.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.


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Corby can, he has access to world edit and can just put himself in creative mode, silly willys :V

I don't think anyone would even care if the admins did cheat, just sayin'

Yeah, I've seen him in creative mode and he came to say hi to me and another observer :)
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