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yesterday on the server i was just making some armor in my base and the i got dissconected and told i was banned for "xray (or similar cheat)". i dont understand why this was because i havent got cheats and i never have apart from single player commands (for single player). i have been on this server for a long time and stayed with is though all the resets and stuff because its such a well organised server with nice admins. there for i am asking to be unbaned from yous server play.minecraft.nl as the user _ijfrosty_

thanks, hope you understand

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Xray bans are permanent. And the data is pretty solid.

yeah i understand that and i apreciate you reading this but i didnt use xray and i dont know how your data decided i did but im just asking seeing as ive been on your server for ages and so has the rest of my faction and this has never happened before

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