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Zombie Survival 2.0: The Basics

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You probably heard of ZS through a friend or stopped by on this forum andthink: What is Zombie Survival ?

Zombie survival is a game were you try to survive a zombie apocalypse. You can start out as Zombie(small chance) or Human.

Humans: Your goal is to survive 6 waves in order to win the round, but when you die your chances aren't lost. When you manage to kill 4 humans/get 8 score you can redeem and be a human again and be able to get another go at winning the round.

Dmg: 1-150 (Depends on weapon)

Speed: 185 (heavy weapon), 190 (Pistol) 200 (Melee), 205 (Nothing)

HP: 100-120 (depends on perk

Attacks: Primary: Fires Weapon Secondary: Aims the gun

When you start the round, you get presented with a nice Loadout.These are the different slots you find in loadout:

1.Pistol Slot: This slot has all the pistols with which you can start with. Like: USP


2.Melee Slot: Here you can select which melee weapon you want to use. Like: Pot


3.Tool Slot: In this slot you can select the tool you want to use. Like: Medkit


4.Special Slot: In this slot you can select a special weapon. Like: Grenade


5. Perk Slot 1: In this slot you select which advantage you want to have. Like: Speed Boost

6. Perk Slot 2: Different perks than perk slot 1.


You buy Weapons/Ammo/Recharges from the Supply Crate Shop in between waves

Primary: Here you will find rifles/shotguns/snipers/machine guns


Pistols: Here you will find all kinds of pistols


Melee: Here you will find all kinds of melee


Ammunition: Ammunition for different types of guns.


Tools: To resupply various tools.


Zombies: your goal is to kill as many humans as you can and redeem.

To be able to redeem you got 8 zombie classes available: (which can be selected with F3)

1. Normal zombie:




Attacks:Primary: Hits with arms Secondary: Yells, arms up in air. Good at propkilling


2. Poison zombie:

Dmg:45 (primary), 5 (Secondary)



Attacks:Primary: Hits with heavy arms Secondary: Pukes over you. Good at propkilling


3. Ethereal zombie:

Dmg:10-15 (primary), 50% extra dmg with secondary



Attacks:Primary: Hits a human, cant move while attacking Secondary: Disguisesethereal as human


4. Howler:




Attacks:Primary: Pushes props/humans Secondary: pulls props/humans. Small chance of sound shield


5. Poison headcrab:

Dmg:14-25 (Primary), 2-3 for 9-15 seconds (Secondary)



Attacks:Primary: Throws spit Secondary: Space jumps against human and damages him .


6. Normal headcrab:




Attacks:Primary: Jumps against human Secondary: None


7. Fast zombie:

Dmg:4-5 (Primary) 0-1,5 (Secondary)



Attacks:Primary: Hits humans with his claws Secondary: Jumps and does dmg when you hit a human.


8. Zombine:

Dmg:24-30 (primary), 20-50 (Secondary Red Nade), 2-3 over 10-13 seconds(Secondary Green Nade)

Speed:120 (walk), 200 (run)


Attacks:Primary: Hits humans with claw, Cant walk while attacking Secondary: Pull out grenade (Red or Green)


Boss Zombies:

1. HATE:


Speed: 215


Attacks:Primary: Hits with enormous power, cant move while attacking Secondary: Makes lots off noise


2. Behemoth:




Attacks:Primary: Hits with great power, can move slowly while attacking Secondary: Screams


3. Seeker:

Dmg: 50-60, does a lot more dmg against cades (510%)



Attacks:Primary: Hits with great power, can move slowly while attacking Secondary: Screams


Now that you know all classes you can choose from, lets list chat commands: (some are available in F4 menu, check it out)

- !rtd : roll the dice: 3/6 are good things, the other 3/6 aren't.

- !levelstats : shows your level progress from your human class you last played or are playing now.

- !kill : commit suicide. This isn't possible in the first wave or when your last human.

- !autoredeem: Turns autoredeem on/off.

- !shop: opens the shop where you can buy hats, suits and a few upgrades.

Different menu's:

F1: has alot of submenus. Such as help and shop.
F2: redeem button for zombies

F3: zombie classes for zombies and drop current weapon for humans.

F4: options menu where you can tweak certain settings.


TAB: Scoreboard


Green Shop: Green shop has 3 categories:

1. Hats: Here you can buy hats and eguip/drop them.


2. Suits: Here you can buy suits and equip/drop them.


3. Misc: There are 3 upgrades you can buy here: Lady luck, Title editor and hat painter


Tips: (my own tips 1-10, community 11-24)

1. Stick as a group, this also counts for the zombie team. Teamwork is the key to winning.

2. Don't blame medics for your death, this will only result in less healing.

3. When round starts wait for people to connect. Don't be an ass and early cade. (rule 1)

4. Share weapons when you aren't using them, this will result in a higher chance of survival.

5. When you are zombie try to share kills, sharing results in more redeemers and that way in a higher chance of survival.

6. Don't ragequit when you cant get kills, ask for help from a human. There is always someone willing to make the game more interesting.

7. Admins are players to and shouldn't be spared. (you get an achievement for killing one)

8. Try to focus on fun rather than leveling. To much people wanting to lvl results in a boring round.

9. Be nice to fellow players and get rewarded. Be an ass and get your ass kicked.

10. Only get supply crates when you need them and are sure that they can be taken without dieing.

11. Think twice beforeopening a door. You never know what's behind it.

12. Don't touchspazzing props. It will kill you.

13. Leavea Hole in Barricade.So that you can still shoot the zombies.

14. Attack in groups.Your stronger with more people on your side

15. When low on HP: Drop Everything and RUN

16. Duck before a turret.A turret can't hit if you are standing in its path.


17. Spare Ammo, use melee when you can.

18. Not a good killer, Help in other ways. Heal teammates, nail cades and repair them.

19. Normal zombie is a balanced class that works well both for new and regular players.

20. If you go outside you cade, Be prepared.

21. Propkilling is a good way to kill humans and it gives 3 score

22. Shoot and Run when being chased

23. Dont get to distracted by Boss zombie. Other zombies are dangerous to

24. Try to cade with multiple people.



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If you are very low on HP, here's what to do.

Initiate the F.E.A.R tactics, which involves dropping everything and running.

Fuck Everything And Run

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Some of the best tatics, used by me and for skilled players, are...

1.If there are alot of players and most of them are human, dont use your ammunition, pick up your melee and when the zombie is following these Humans, backstab him.

2.If you arent good killing or getting assists while being a Human, do your objective! Repair the cade, heal your mates, and more!

3. As a Zombie, I extremly reccomend to be a Normal Zombie. Because they are the perfect class for a redeem.

4.Your biggest enemy are fast zombies, even if you attempt a perfect run, they will catch you and rape you, so plan your run before jumping outside the cade.

5.If you think you're skilled enuff as a zombie, use props to kill Humans, not claws.

6.If you see a zombie, just get to a safe range between you and him and shoot him, AKA shoot'n'run.

7.The Zombie boss at Wave 6 is just a distraction if you dont have a cade, just keep a far far away distance from him and keep an eye too, and focus on the other zombies.IF you have a cade, you should try to kill the boss and the zombies at the same time.

8.Cading yourself alone is not a good idea or skilled, its being stupid and suicidal.

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