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    all this time i secretly admired you

    Hitting the gym, social life stuff, and having a place to play in my free time at Garry's mod, that is the ever-developing Mr.Green community.

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  1. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    you have 0 awareness of the zombie state. I bet you will never get more than 5k brains in 2 different servers like I did scumbag, faggots like you should stay quiet if you dont know the situation
  2. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    was lurking zombies should get stronger for each brain and assist they have in that match, some sort of "efficiency" system. (HP&attack speed bonuses)
  3. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    no zombie gameplay on that video only shows how unbalanced the game was back then.
  4. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    ok im done with this community its a shame Dubys effort is going down the drain its because people only pop up to make discussions and participate where they werent called, instead of leting two people handle it and its discussions made by them. I was proving a point with pufulet which is clear that the flaws must be fixed, but you guys insist im the motherfucker who needs to shut up is me, just because you see pufulet acting so cynically and replying while I was stating the obvious so will I, but no one can take criticism and once again and you only pop out to make shit, you never learn the lesson do you anyways im done here, fuck you all
  5. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    "personal vendetta"? I wonder how morons like you made it to Greenies, exactly, its morons like you who fail at life and rely on business that doesnt matter to you and are always there to comment somenthing that has nothing to do with you, maybe even sucking the cock of high-staff. I said him my opinion and he keeps mentioning that these are " These are bad ideas. ". So if I were you, you could just remove your post and get on with life because you do not seem to know what's going on.
  6. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    lets keep the game broken and full of flaws just because the nxn dev let it be that way )) with a whole of sincerity pufulet you must pull your head out of your asshole and start thinking this is a suggestion thread/bug finding thread so I say what I want and what would be best for the community by pointing out certain aspects according to my point of view while taking on consideration on existent flaws and bugs. (and no I'm not DO THAT and THAT type in case your smartass instincts are turned on, so keep your remorse to yourself)
  7. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    And also, public beta test 24/7 server should only be activated when GC has been implemented, or any source that bounds the player to the server (aka getting anything from playing it), if you want to beta test then just alert everyone at a certain time. The only thing you'll get from getting beta test server being ran 24/7 is loss of interess and hype, best is to just keep with the scheudles.
  8. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    Just because you dealt most damage doesnt mean you have to suicide on purpose in order to not let the second most damage-dealing zombie be boss. This is a big flaw which must be looked upon and fixed as soon as possible.
  9. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    ok, everytime I play as boss I will suicide when the next boss is about to be picked so I can be forever the boss and let no one else play, let my teammates do the work of killing the barricade so I can kill everyone inside it :] moron pufulet
  10. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    This test was pretty good, fixed balancing since Zombies now stand a chance against Humans, but still I dont feel its ready for Beta test, yet. And alot of things need to be looked upon. Great progress although, it is possible to play as a zombie now. Bugs I've found along the testing, and things that need sorting! Green gases still dont heal! Fix it Zombies NEED spawn protection, by that I mean be delt less damage for 10 seconds. Zombies NEED an assist system, aswell as some sort of barricade award system. If you've gotten more than 4 brains while being a boss you will be automaticly redeemed in 2 minutes, cant be done at wave 6. Wraith NEEDS a buff. Pick one: Increase 20HP damage to 45 / Dont freeze on air/ Increase speed, and decrease tp cooldown aswell as adding more health. Add objectives around the map, which if players fullfil them (by repairing a zone, holding a sector) they get additional SP. Instead of "Ammo!" in the shop, make a button called BUY AMMO, BUY WEAPON Highlight fast zombie when you can choose him, if possible. Separate the zombie classes by tiers, like I suggested to Duby in a document I've shown him. Hate shouldnt freeze while attacking. I know he deals 90HP damage, but you cant get to humans at all. Overall is ok dont change anything on him If you suicide or get killed while being a boss, when there is one minute left to start a new wave as a boss, you wont be the next boss zombie (fixes alot of exploits used by elite zs players which wont let other players go play as bosses).
  11. rui_troia

    Mr.Green ZS 3.0 Release

    apart from bad management on this community, it is what players ultimate deserve in other words, I wish the best for this to work out
  12. you sure like to create drama Pufulet, you might be right that its good to have an organized text file with reports and suggestions of bugs rather than pointing out in-game, but just by making it noticed during a betatest will contribute to the ruin of the gamemode? pfft... It's what beta tests are for, collecting bugs. Now since you mention I am always spotting bugs (and I thank you for pointing that out ) I am casually working in some text files which will spot all known glitches and possible fixes, aswell as some great ideas for an overall enjoyable, balanced, Mr.Green ZS. I am doing this because most people always seems to focus Human gameplay, I will do my part and send it to Duby to see what he, and the community thinks.
  13. rui_troia

    Regulars Reimbursement

    Welcome, Godshand glad you're back to the community, I remember you very well not only from Mr.Green but from other communities. I confirm Nobody (aka Godshand) is a Mr.Green Veteran. Also welcome back Braindawg, Lejorah, robbert^^,zoidberg_reborn,Zarco, AntZ, Pistol mags!
  14. -BUGS I FOUND AND STUFF THAT NEEDS A CHECKUP- -> Scoreboard brain counter and points counter get "glued" to the persons name if that persons name is too long. -> Hitboxes are way too broken. Moving targets are impossible to hit at point blank range. -> Class choosing for Humans cant be viewed in one view, make it possible to view every class without scrolling down. -> Rob mentioned somenthing about fresh zombie can quickswitch to any class, talk to him. -> When zombie classes get hit by melee strikes its almost like they fly away, I know it has somenthing to do with source engine, but try to fix that. -> Zombie gasses doesnt heal. -> Wraith and Etheral need emergency buff. Merge them together, remove the stop-motion effect when attacking. EDIT: Some reminders... -> Zombie HP needs atleast a cross. -> Class selection menu could be categorized into sections - "Hybrid";"Hunters";"Assassins";"Bosses";"Tanks" - This would make things more organized and interessing.
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