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Fear of an undeserved potential ban

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Recently after a long time and a lot of work my friend (bob5bob) and I (monkeybalzac) enchanted a diamond pick that has fortune III on it. Now we mine together and when I find diamonds I call him over and we use it on the find. Recently we found a patch of 6 diamond blocks and got 12 diamonds out of it.

My fear: If I, mining in one location, and bob5bob, mining in another, find diamonds at the same time (say a patch of 8 diamonds blocks at each local) and one of us mines both patches with the fortune pick, we could easily get as many as 40 diamonds in a 5 minute period!!! I don't know how the banning for xray thing works, but if it notices we just got that many diamonds that quick, will we get banned?

We got pics of the pick we use, and so far we have only used it once on a patch of 6 diamond blocks and got 12 diamonds (because mining for diamonds legit actually takes a long time).

Just curious...

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