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Diablo 3 Open Beta Weekend


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As the title says the first (and propably only) Diablo 3 Open Beta Weekend starts today at 12:00am (PDT) until Sunday 10:00am (PDT)!

You can now download the Beta Client here : Diablo 3 Beta Client ! If you press on download game Clients on your account.

We shall all slay some Demons and some Leorics this Weekend :catbread:

You can find informations on the Beta here : Info as long as you can speak/read german ^^ did not find the english article so fast

Here the Black Soulstone Cinematic Trailer for you to enjoy while you download the game !

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Dont blame me i like old games/ games with special graphics, like Red alert 2, Borderlands and Diablo 2

I just think games have been focusing on the textures to much lately

I wouldn't say confusing, but I understand where you're coming from. The graphics and textures are only changing because the gaming audience has changed since we were kids and also the graphics have improved ten fold. I would say I prefer Diablo 2's graphics compared to the new one, but I guess if games always looked like that they will not sell would they?

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Here the Black Soulstone Cinematic Trailer for you to enjoy while you download the game !

Thats interesting, they used almost exactly the same effects on the vocals of the evil guy as they did on the zerg overminds on the original StarCraft game..

me nerding out with sound design

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