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this is insane


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MC server didn't have the time to save anything before it crashed again (and it didn't quit on its own after I terminated its supporting process, so I had to kill the MC task which sadly makes it lose everything in memory). There wasn't a backup since we only just started.

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Can we not have another map reset.. People worked so hard for everything and its gonna be a waste.

Oh D_Nalor we had it first and we dont even have your stuff.

We've only been on for half a day when it happened. Plenty of opportunity to build things up again.

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D_Nalor and Zombitch were definitely, the BlackBird faction.

Maybe, someone got jelly of them on the last map. laugh.gif

Would be cool for reserved names tied to MC accounts, but that is just more work for Clavus. xd

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When the server was down the factions were gone so the faction royale or drainal that stole our name claimed all our land.

Now they have our stuff and I think this is insane.

Maybe can clavus do a roleback or something.


Actually I had nothing to do with the stealing of your gay name. IsaiahAbbot created the faction, made me owner and I got 10 other people to join. I don't see how this isn't fair how you can abuse glitches yet I cannot use the Server's fault to my Faction's Advantage?

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