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C4 Model Issue

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Hey, I unlocked the C4 weapon in ZS today and I found a problem. The weapon works as it should, I can place mines, see where they are placed and detonate them with a 1 second delay between the trigger and explosion. But what I do no have is the model for when my player is holding the C4 whilst equiped. It looks like the error you get when you do not have the correct source content. Howeever this is the only weapon which displays this error in the whole time ive been playing ZS. I spoke to B0x about it and he suggested deleting my local cache, unfortunatley upon r-edownloading when I rejoined the server, the same thing happened. Heres a video to show what I mean.


ZS c4 error.wmv

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You need HL2:DM installed and mounted

Uh C4 is a CSS model. You need Counter-Strike Source installed. Unless I'm picturing the wrong model.

Explosives in ZS use slam model actually

They should not. CS:S model is better.


Slams look better cose they mines not bombs (im rigth)

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Slams look better cose they mines not bombs (im rigth)

Agreed, mines in ZS aren't timed bombs, and S.L.A.M. can be remotely detonated. Also how about adding short laser to the model, just to show it's range?

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