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Epic Killings - The topic in which to blow your own horn

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Hey again fellow Left4Greener's! This topic has been created in order for all of you guys to show the rest of us some of your best kills from the world of Gaming. Ever made a kill you could not believe just happened? Ever completely annihilated the enemy team in a matter of seconds? Or have you ever made a kill so ridiculous that it has to be seen to be believed? Well here is your chance to prove your Epicness and become a God among us mere mortals! (Muahahahahaaa) So please post your videos here and let us see how killing should be done. By the way, the top 3 kills which receives the most +1 likes will get a special mention in this first post so you can get some more self satisfaction =P. Here are the requirements for the submitted video and the format it should be in...

Video Requirements

  • Less than a minute long - We don't need to see the entire game when the kill only takes 5 seconds to happen. (special circumstances may be allowed for extended video length)
  • Uploaded on YouTube and linked posted using "Insert Media" - So we can all look at the video on this topic page rather than delving into the depths of the internet to find it.
  • Short title sequence or description in the post showing the following...

- Give your kill a suitable title (e.g. Rifle to the face!)

- Who did you kill?

- Who are you? (In-Game name)

  • No rude or Pornographic images - We don't want or need to see this, keep it clean.
  • No gay music over the top of the video - If I even hear "Bodies hit the floor"....... Only add music if it is relevant or funny, otherwise original In-game sound please.
  • Would prefer the videos to be of games featured and hosted by left4green but kills from other sources will be accepted.

So without any further ado, let the killing commence!

--Top 3 Kills--

3. -------

2. -------

1. -------



(You can also like this one too :P)

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