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Unban request.


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IGN: D_Nalor

Date: 27 April 2012.

Who banned you: The automated x-ray plugin.

Reason why banned: X-Ray.

Reason why we should unban you:

Here's how this happend: I enchanted myself an looting III pickaxe, which was great, everyone started finding diamonds, and after they finished finding some, I mined all the blocks. (about 21 in total) , the looting pickaxe got me about 42 diamonds for those, and I wasn't expecting to get banned, anyway, this problably wont happen again, I'll just give the pickaxe to other people as soon as they found some, regards, D_Nalor.

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Even if they're not by x-raying ? I'll take it, but that does make me lose faith in unbanrequestmanity.

EDIT: This has happend because I was using my fortune III pickaxe, that'll multify the drops by 2 & 3.

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Can you comfirm it doesn't affect it ? They all gathered diamonds without mining them, and I mined them after they were done, about 22 diamonds, anyway, I'm kind of pissed at this, I didn't use x-ray but mmkay, guess I'll have to buy a new account ? Hilarious.

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