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We're not sure what world we'll all be running in yet, but make sure you have TeamSpeak downloaded as this will be our MAIN source of communication while playing GuildWars2. We'll let you know in TeamSpeak and on the forums when we know what world we're gonna all be in for the Beta event.

Download it here if you don't have it already:



EU Worlds








Fissure of Woe


Ring of Fire

Far Shiverpeaks

Petrified Forest

Jade Sea


Magus Falls

Whiteside Ridge

Fort Ranik

Ruins of Surmia

Sharp’s Corner

Aurora Glade


Elona Reach

Augury Rock

Abaddon’s Mouth

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Who else has sampled it? What do you think?

Honestly, I'm a bit dissapointed.. It feels like I'm playing on my own all the time despite there being thousands of people around. Partys and guild stuff serves barely any purpose, its waaaay too hard to play with friends. I just want to turn on the game, meet up with some friends and do cool shit, where as I have to spend 20 minutes getting to a place to meet with them, then have a 3/4 chance that I get shoved into some random overflow server and can't even play with them: Despite the fact they could easily just make it so friends/party members get put into the same overflow so they can still play the fucking game

Considering that they purposefully made it so SMALL groups of friends can play together, they sure did arse up being able to link the small groups

The game plays very good of course, its incredible, but currently for an MMORPG its lacking a lot of MMO (in my opinion) which is the most important thing.

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Naturally it's a beta Minky and there is going to be some teething problems: The difficulty is probably set wrong and it currently almost breaks all the time.

I don't think it's an accurate representation right now, it's just to represent the mechanics and such: Don't worry, The Prodigal Sons will save the day somehow

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I wonder what faggot tought of that overflow channel system .. it is nearly impossible to play with someone else!

(also they should optimize the game so not half of the people with decent computers get the worst fps ever as soon as a group event starts <.<)

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