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Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself to the forums so you can get to know me ;) .. I'm Hobomania and i play on the GMod Zombie servers.. Some of you may have seen me before, it was one of the first servers i tried on Zombie Survival, but i kept quiet as i didn't know what the server and community were like. I'm really impressed with the server and what the community are like, which is why i want to be a part of it. I'm thinking of donating to the server, which is a first as i haven't donated to anything else in a long while (Surely that means nothing :P ) . I will be seeing you on the servers and hope to give you a nice human/zombie whooping :lol:


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I should? Disturbing signature ;)

yeah, because people might think that this is another thread in which you have to introduce yourself to the forum, but theres already one of those

id personally rename it to "Hai Guys :3"

but thats because of how i announce myself on the zs server :V

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