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A Simple Suggestion

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In the current faction setup whenever someone wants to protect their base from TNT attacks all they have to do is log off. If someone is raiding and builds a cannon the defending faction can easily log off and protect their base within the current system. This makes Minecraft PVP Imbalanced and is really just another form of PVP logging.

But there are ways around the previously stated method. It would dramatically increase the level of player-vs-player interactions on this server if a specific time frame is selected right when someone logs off. What this means is that whenever someone logs off, anyone else could still blow up TNT on someones land for X amount of minutes. The previous server I was part of set this time-frame to 15 minutes. This allowed others to continue their raiding of a base regardless of whether someone logs off. However it still provided a form of protection for those who were logged off, for their territory was still protected after 15 minutes. If such a system could be added it would definitely add to the level of competition on this server and it would prevent this other form of "PVP" logging.

Thank you.

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