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Sphere pvp treasure hunt

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Sphere will be having a treasure hunt. Members of sphere will place a chest full of highly valuable items. We will then record the location and leave the area.

We will not hunt or kill anybody going to the chest. Each time we do this the chest will increase in value. If you're faction would like to donate to the items being given please contact us in game. If you have suggestions for items you would like also contact us in game.

Good luck I hope you win.

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Regardless of whether or not you plan to attack the treasure hunters, it is going to attract other people to fight for the loot. Or just lie in wait for somebody to come looking for it.

you do know that this is the idea to get people out of there safe areas and fight for something ...pvp = players verses players ...kill or be killed

we will post the count down the fastest one there wins the second one there gets whatever the first one couldnt fit or they kill the first one ... and so on...

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I woulda come if I had been bothered to log on at the time :D It's an interesting idea. Could do nether hunts, but I guess it'd ultimately be ruined by x-rayers.

due to the way it is hidden it wouldnt matter fi you have xray or not and we giveout the exact location that way it is fair for everyone who is playing.

we are looking for other things to put in the chest if you want to donate you can come with us when we hide it. that way you will know that it is not a trap for other players

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i will be hiding another one around 6 pm local time that is in about 4 hours 30 min from now giving you all heads up if it is not found by 10 pm i will pull it

i will post the location on the forum and in game chat at 6 pm



Where do you live for most people it will be around midnight it is 6PM where you are, and so you are giving us until 4 in the morning...

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