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Unban Nonam82

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I would like to be unbanned from the minecraft.nl server. The reason for the ban was using x-ray mods. I deny this. I found a cave, and it just had a bunch of ore in it. I was head of a 65-player faction right before being banned, they can attest that I never really was rich. Also, everyone's kind of in disarray, I want to help them.

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I am in Nonam's faction, looters. I think all of us could agree that Nonam is one of the most enjoyable players to play with. He is very respectful and kind. I have only been in his faction for a couple of days but I look up to him. I believe he uses no mods or hacks. Please unban him. I speak for the looters.

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I am also in the looters and Nonam being banned for X-ray is absolutely ridiculous because he has done no such thing. He has not used one single cheat in his time on Minecraft.NL and should be unbanned as soon as possible. All looters are devastated at the loss of our beloved leader, Nonam82, and await anxiously for his return. We have worked hard on our base and building up our faction by gathering resources and mining ores THE RIGHT WAY and not cheating, which by the way is funny because we aren't even that rich, i think maybe you should look at some factions with 3 people who have stacks and stacks of diamonds and diamond armor and weapons because THEY are the real cheaters. The looters are a legit faction and have never and will never cheat, and i hope you will decide to do the right thing and unban Nonam because we miss him dearly in Minecraft.NL. We also wish not to move to another server because Minecraft.NL is a great server and the best one I have ever been on because it has people like Nonam. If you read this, thank you for your time and I hope he is unbanned soon.

Sincerely, _DEGEX_

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please unban him. for the short time i have known him i know he is a very nice guy and wouldnt do anythig like that. our entire faction is legit all hackers will be kicked. maybe you should take a look into some of the factions formed after two days that have full diamond sets and players able to jump to our skybase (endgame). please unban him im hoping you will do the right thing.

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I too am in Looters. I wish for Nonam82 to be unbanned. I have known him for a while now and I know that he wouldn't do something like this. Often players try to accuse others of doing something like hacking, because the player that they are accusing killed them or something like that. So, they try to ban them for payyback. I believe something like this happened to Nonam82. Minecraft.nl is one of the best servers I have ever been on. I especially like this server because I get to play on this server without not having enough permission to do this and that. But without Nonam, its doesn't seem to be as fun anymore. I hope that you unban Nonam82 soon.

Sincerely, lionfish999.

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