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New zombie class??

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i just came on this idea because it always have been the same zombie classes on the server so i just thought that i will make 1

but i will need help

if you wanna help me to make a new zombie class then go inside Steam and add : Nikolaj3757

*IMPORANT* I will need permission from necro

and if u have any ideas of anything then comment it down below

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A new zombie class really sounds great, but it should be something that is hard to play and very powerful, so not any dumpass can playit, it also should be unlocked at the 5th or 6th round (maybe a boss like in nox?)

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i apology my little kiddo friend u might behave more nicely because you havent been here so long so i suggest you to talk nice to other people

u have been here less than a year i just made a new acc i've been here for 3 years dumbass and u might read the rules before you say stuff like this

because kids acting like this make me disspointed

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yes it went downhill but when people like TechnoNegro act like that and call other people an dumpass because i forgot to seach it up at the forums that's unacceptable

and he deserves a 3-5 days ban from the site.

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A new zombie class could make it more fun for zombies, but i would have no clue what kind of zombie it should be.

maybe use the iw system with behemoth, but for this new class.

Aren't there already bosses.

Also shutting this topic down since it went downhill from the moment is started. Try making a new topic when you have actual content and a better knowledge of the English language.

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