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Mobs spawning


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Ok, so I have created a mob farm which is essentially a large room for mobs to spawn in. However, mobs almost never spawn in it even though it is an exact replica of other xp farms I have successfully created on other servers. I think it is a server side issue because large amounts of mobs will randomly spawn in there. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix?


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'large amounts of mobs will randomly spawn in there' Isn't that what it's designed for?

You can increase the chances of mobs spawning somewhere by lighting up the surrounding area to the max. It needs to look like a Whoville Christmas out there. That way the monsters will have less places to spawn in the selected and surrounding chunks, and be pushed to you.

Also check underneath the tower for caves, which could be detracting from your spawns. And finally, make sure it's big enough. It needs to be pretty damn big, preferably with several floors to provide optimal spawning.

If all else fails, just find a spawner and create a water ladder grinder (Google is your friend)

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It is a 60x30x3 room. i have lit up all caves by it. According to the wiki you must be no closer than 24 blocks and no farther than 60 for them to spawn... which I stand at. It is completely dark and has every condition for lots of mobs to spawn in. I'm curious do you know where the 'sweet spot' is?


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On highly populated servers like this one, you cannot make effective completely man made mob farms unfortunately.

Mobs will have many more players to *choose* to spawn next to... if that makes sense.

Your best bet is to find a natural mob spawner and set up a farm around that because they do not have the same spawn rate/criteria as normal mob spawns.

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