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Dynamic Map and Server/Game Bugs~

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Sorry if these are FAQs, but...

1. Can people hide their presence on the online live map? If so, how does one go about doing this?

2. Is there a 'boat glitch' that allows players to go through blocks, even in another faction's claimed land?

3. Can players hit doors repeatedly and get through using an ender pearl?

4. Mob-spawner farming is allowed, correct? Idk why it would not but I suppose it could lag a server.


5: Is there ANY glitch at all that allows you to go through blocks in another faction's claimed land? I have been having a pest get in somehow and I am fairly sure I have checked time and time again how he gets in. A glass hallway type thing is 1 block below the surface of the water... This is how I imagine he gets inside the base, but how does he do it? Thank you, again!

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1. Cloak:

» can be bought for 3000 greencoins and (currently) is permanent when bought

» gets enabled by

  • ticking /cloak in the chatbar

» gets disabled by

  • ticking /uncloak in the chatbar
  • Hitting another player (60 seconds delay before you can cloak again)
  • Getting hit by another player (60 seconds delay)
  • Getting hit by a mob (60 seconds delay)

» doesn't gets disabled by

  • logging in/out
  • dieing by falling/drowning etc.
  • Hitting a mob yourself (as long mob doesn't hit you)


There are many glitches, building a really safe base won't be easy

Mob spawners

Ofcourse this is allowed otherwise experience could better be disabled

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