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[Story] One Night Each Year

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One night each year

The shutters snapped back and forth violently in the midnight wind. The chill moonlight keeping the dilapidated house just above darkness. The dead garden with blades of grass reaching out, grasping at the cracked concrete walkway that wound up to the patio. Aged and naked trees that sprawled into the air. The decaying, grey boards that made up the house creaking in the breeze.

A small figure made its way up the path nervously, prodded on by others just outside the grounds. Slowly it made its way across the garden, a falsely eccentric cape flowing behind it. A small brown paper bag, filled halfway with small items indistinguishable in the darkness, was clung to closely. A groan filled air as the house was once more buffeted by wind, the dressed up figure finally at the door.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Nervous taps against the door resounded through hollow hallways. The wind died. The groaning stopped. The rustling was cut off. The door slowly creaked open. With one last look back at the small group just outside the gates, a step forward was made. Then another. Shivering and frozen in fear, it stood just inside a room where not even light dared intrude. The cloak spun as the figure twisted, ready to dart out of the house. A dive was made for the exit, but that was all the outside world saw as the louse-ridden plank slammed shut. The lock clicking back into place.

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