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Admin Applications Still?


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Just to start off, Ive seen numerous posts already for admin on the IW server so i was wondering just how many people can apply or will be accepted. So i guess this is the part where i say why I'd be a good admin :D

Gameserver: Mr Greens Infected Wars Server

Age: 15 (April 6th, 1994)

Country of origin: USA (not sure if it's a problem)

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Before i get into this, I've noticed that the servers are located in the Netherlands (if I'm correct) which means It's a 6 hour difference between me and there. Which is where i get to my point, am I elligeable to become admin since I'm not from EU? :o My favorite games are Gmod and L4D and whenever I'm on Gmod i always play infected wars if there are other people on the server. I have had some past experience with admin on Zombie Master (great hl2 mod) and maybe also a Dark Rp server. (soon) I always try and help others if I have any knowledge on the subject and try to keep everyone happy.

I won't be disappointed if I don't get admin, just getting a bit bored not being a part of a good server community ;)

P.S. Umm... I forgot :/

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