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Another App ;)


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Here another app (just created this forum acc.) ;)

Gameserver: Zombie Survival

Age: 24 - 05.01.1985

Country of origin: Germany

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

First off all...I speak english, german and a bit of danish (sry, no dutch ;))

I love to play on your ZS-Server in my spare time...and I got enough of this (no work atm. and seems like it will take some time) :-S

Most of my time I am at home, so no problem to fast join the server if there are problems.

Playing on your server since umm...about last summer, had a break for 2-3 months but then returned..it's like an ZS addiction ;) and love those crazy players :P

Had some experiences with beeing admin before, but okay, it was a bit back in time so I have to learn some commandos again ;) but that wouldn't be a problem...

I would give my best to help you guys, and at least it would be some work for me ;) with fun at the same time.

I respect if I won't be an admin, since it's awesome to play with you guys!

See ya on the serv. ;)


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