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Don't Rip Off Other Artists Work...


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This is something that does happen a lot now and is quite a shame. In the past year I've really got into DJ'ing and before that I produced/remixed music also which I still do presently too. Here's what you shouldn't do:


Oh you made that did you? Because Shazam says that Marcel Woods made it...

Now I know it says 'mix' however what defines this as a mix? I hear some sounds at the start, they fade out and then that song comes on for the whole time. That's called 2 songs followed after each other on iTunes my friend.

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I'm an idiot for posting that lol, I'd thought someone would have noticed and there you go, It is 4 months ago and I claim to be a fool for posting that.

EDIT: I'm a retard for doing that. I'm trying to erase all my old memories, do not become like me.

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I accidented the whole thing..

Was it really necessary to make a thread about something that happened over 4 months ago??

It was more of a general rant on people claiming stuff as there own, that happened to be an example.

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