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  1. Navo

    So we upgraded

    Please explain your thought process when you decided people can post Youtube videos in the shoutbox.
  2. PS3 is better imo as you don't have to pay for internet and doesn't have ads on the menu screen.
  3. A two-tailed F16, interesting.
  4. Navo

    Day Z

    There are dancing animations in original Arma 2.
  5. Navo

    Day Z

    I though tesame and bought it in the summer sales, now I regret it, hope day Z gets more playable when developed a bit more. loading takes to long, day and night system is plain annoying, usually the easiest thing in game - looting - is ridiculous confusing, a easy to use chatbox seems to be missing, they should certainly add some tooltips where you could use items for as well. What
  6. Navo

    Day Z

    Also once we are all playing we gotta get helicopters, bietch! I will be the pilot You never entered or manned a helicopter before Let the experienced guys take care of this You call me not experienced? Can you autorotate?
  7. Navo

    Day Z

    Finally started playing again. Was just checking out a barn, when I hear someone drinking right next to me. I tell this on Teamspeak, and it turns out it was actually one my friends of who I had no idea he was even near me. We then found an ATV stuffed with a M24, AS-50, Bizon and blood packs. SO MUCH CHOISE
  8. Navo

    Video games Titles

    I forgot Rape & Conquer
  9. Navo

    Video games Titles

    Rape: Escalation Rape Assault Prince of Rape Napoleon: Total Rape
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