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unlife_MrGreen, change song? D:


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I wonder if you 'top-admins' can change the unlife_MrGreen song to 28 Weeks Later soundtrack? :lol:

I have the song here, edited and stuff etc! I saw that the original unlife_MrGreen had 03:12 second length on it,

so I put the 28-song in same length as the original.

And I've noticed that normal songs getting in that unlife_MrGreen was pretty low(tested it :P), so I put the volume on the 28weeks thingy a lil higher.

I have tested the song at Mr. Green(Just replacing unlife_MrGreen with the song, with same name)! It fits, and it's actually pretty that you feel the 'zombie-spirit'! :P

You critical commentary guys might quote the '(Just replacing unlife_MrGreen with the song, with same name)!', that I already can hear the song etc.

I wanna share the song with the Green' guys! ^. ^

Well, here is my upload:



I have:

*renamed it to unlife_MrGreen

*set length of the song to 03:12

*set music filetype to MP3

*and increased the volume(As said up there) ...

because it might be that some of your admins is too lazy to edit and fix song and stuff, I know that, trust me! Dx

It ain't perfect, I think it's scratchy a lil bit, but it might just be my laggy computer. D:


I know there has been many recently topics about new "songs/musics/soundtracks" for the Zombie Survival, so... aaah [email protected] I forgot what I was gonna say >.<!

Jajaa lol, just asking =3 I just think the song fits, not sure about you others-- but whatever! XD

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