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So I was fixing the front break with my neighbor yestoday evening.

When we was finished repairing it, I took it for a ride to test it, I drove to my mom's house.

I parked the scooter right at the entrance to her apartment, across the streeet there's a mc. Donald Drive in.

I arrived there around 20:30

I usually look out of the window a couple of times because I know alot of scooters get's stolen, because of that scum that..... (no racism, therefor I do not want to type this)

Then suddenly it was fucking gone, fuck I got angry, I ran around in the area in my jeans and a t-shirt at 22:00, but it was gone, I called the police and they said that if I saw it and if someone was at it, they would come and smack their asses. One of my friends arrived and we drove around, but without luck.

So well, I didn't find it so I headed home again, to my self, (live by my dad)

Then his cellphone rings at 00:30, it was the police who had found my scooter 5 kilimeter from where I live, so know you know what I was doing at 01:00 this night.

Yes, the guy who stole it smashed a few things on it, but I have his adress, and I will make sure he will get his ass raped sooner or later, tell you that.

My scooter was worth 11.000 Danish Kroner ~ 1476.79

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The police called us and told it was at that specific adress, it was right next to his front door. Parked good.

Hahaha what a stupid thief, maybe he thought nobody would notice

Well, it's also a place for stupid ppl were it wad found. :D

Two choices.

Lawyer/ settle without lawyer

Or damage something of his (House ;) )

Lawyers, well, he don't learn it with, right? ;)

Damn that is fucked up... i most say that you got lucky that the police found your scooter you should give the police hugs and kisses :)

Yes, I was fucking lucky, normally you don't get a scooter back when it's stolen, I was just so lucky, all thanks to the police, who did a great job.

Blow up his house.

Then say the Scooter did it.

Gastank went on fire? :o

Steal 'im looty!

Plunger him!

Wanna join me when I kick him? :)

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