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Item Duping/hacking - Th3xd3stroy3r

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Th3xD3stroy3r for the last 2 hours has been duping a considerably large amount of diamonds, dia swords, TNT, and armour in order to oppose LRG. He has also hacked...

1. Hacks

In a battle with Th3xD3stroy3r he used flyhacking whilst on a boat which makes you go much faster. He also seemed to be using speedhacks due to his very quick speed whilst swimming.

1st Video


Here you can see this quick speed.

2nd Video


You notice that he has remarkable speed whilst in a boat. Using fly-hacks greatly increases your speed.



This first picture shows several things, first-off it shows Th3x logging in and off for duping purposes. Secondly it shows that I killed 2 members of CnC (Th3x's faction). Upon killing one of them he had 28 Diamond Blocks.


After killing another member we got an additional two stacks of diamond. I have also received 4 Smite IV Fire II swords from them meaning they have duped those to a good extent.


Me with the 28 dia blocks in my inventory and Th3x logging in and off some additional times.

Non Video/Photo Details

1. Yesterday they did not have an obsidian base, today they do. They could have mined it legitly but it raises suspicion.

2. They also had an Iron and Gold Block watchtower near their base and they seem to be producing TNT at an alarming rate.

3. Map1911 is currently playing on Th3x, this was revealed to me on Skype. Map is a known hacker and has been already banned.

Hopefully if this evidence doesn't result in a ban, it will at-least raise suspicion.

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it has also been pointed out by other factions (LRG. themonkeys, mistkill and the greats) that players from CnC have a reach hack and they can vouch for this. CnC's neighbours the marines have also been duping a large amount lately. These are some screenshots of black jesus duping.



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