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I got Banned


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1. Your in-game name: Ghost603

2. Date of your ban: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

3. What game/server are you banned from: minecraft.nl

4. Who banned you (only if you know who): Automatic

5. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why): Spam

6. Reason why we should unban you : I got home from school (I had detention so i got home late) and went on to minecraft. 2 days ago minecraft was lagging for me 2 days ago, on my birthday. Finally, i got on to minecraft today, and i clicked on Left4Green, but it sayed "Banned For Spam" I was so mad! Then i asked my brother if he got me banned and he sayed "Happy Birthday!" (He sayed it sarcastically) So, to sum it up, my very mean brother banned me for NO REASON! I think that its unfair, and that i should be unbanned. Thank you for your time :D


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Your brother is an asshole :) May I suggest getting whatever remaining birthday cake you have and putting it in his shoes?

Getting banned by the spamguard is a pretty impressive feat. I've seen serially spammers get away with kicks, I've only ever witnessed one spam ban first hand and that dude deserved it. Spam bans cry out hack clients to me, and. Whilst I'd love to unban a birthday boy I don't want to unban a hacker.

If your brother has a minecraft account, steal it, change his password and get even. If not, perhaps you can trade accounts with a friend? However you get a new account, please make sure only you have access to it, and do not modify the client.

Happy belated birthday.

Edit: Sorry I'm still new, it appears I can unban you! :D Just don't let it happen again, make your password super secret and secure.

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