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Hey guys.

My friend XxexplosionzzxX got banned Like 4 map ago, because his brother sayed he had xray so there was an ipban...

XxexplosionzzxX made his self an topic and corby whas a vacation that time and sayed that he would unban him.

i told him, he wanted to play and he whas still banned.

he was so mad that he stopped playing it, now he wants to play again but he is still banned. can you unban him?

greets, a minecrafter called xderpina (friend of XxxexplosionzzxX)


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i couldnt find it to but i know it XxexplosionzzxX




Server Admins


Posted 30 November 2011 - 14:48

xxexplosionszzxx has been unbanned, next time tell him not to intefer with someones banning and claim he has hacks if he doesn't...


Spy discovered <- Lies.

i see why he isnt unbanned... corby typed xxexplosionSzzxx

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Ban remains.

Please do not resubmit an unban request from any of his three accounts (one of them forum banned, how he managed that if he's so damned innocent is beyond me).

I see you requesting unbans on other player's behalf a lot. And coincidentally all these people have been told on multiple times they are permabanned. It is also in the rules that the person them self must make the unban topic.

Stop. This will be the last time I warn you before I ask someone higher up to take action.

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