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Just a dumb question

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We've patched all of the dupes we are aware about. But unfortunately before we managed to do that a lot of things were duped. At this point it's hard to point the finger at people (Though I hope you know that I know who you are, you make it pretty damn obvious) because you could acquire that much stuff with a single kill.

Keep your eyes and metaphorical ears open about any dupes that are still active and report it as soon as possible so we can patch it. I'll even send a few greencoins your way.

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Now, in every update there is some kind of glitch. For example, because of my graphics card, I sometimes get an unintentional X-Ray glitch (that can't be patched, and FYI I don't use it to my advantage).

I had this concern because it would be VERY hard to get 86 blocks of diamond. It could be a client mod of duping, not always a glitch.

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is there some way we can privatley send a message to report one so that it doesnt start another epidemic of duping

You can send PM's to Minecraft admins on the forums.

(Corby and Awesomeo)

there should be a private forum that anyone can post but only admins can read

I know this is something useless to ask, but how does fishpain get 86 diamond BLOCKS? That takes a LONG time, and it takes a lot of patience. Patience that people would ratherr kill themselves than not have. How does she get that many?

... welll just thought id point out that fishpain no longer has 86 diamond blocks xd - it goes to show u dont need to be a duper to get items just kill 1. :D TY VERY MUCH FISHPAIN

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You dont have to dupe to have good stuff, just visit one of the duping factions like: Hyper and Redcastle and you have protection armour for life

For your information:

We, HypeR, destroyed 'redcastle', 'pro', 'Team', ... All factions of over 30 players, If I remember correctly (and only a small fraction of the factions we disbanded), and we got loads of duped armor & weapons (prot IV, sharpness V & IV), diamond blocks (we had over 20 stacks from raids, we burned most cause they only take up space) even stacked pots (which we unstacked; cause we're not lame) from them. In the beginning we killed most without prot IV (which says a lot about their skill; don't get me wrong they had good members, but most of them were noobs wearing prot IV and not being able to defend themselves), but in the end we all got that good loot as a reward.

Also had some tougher, but not invincible oppononents & when we killed them occasionally we got stacked pots & prot IV off them (themonkeys,trollz,blackbird,lonewolves )

TL;DR: long story short: kill some noobs, gets some easy prot IV. Eventually not only dupers have duped items, also the people who raid.

Let's hope, on the new map, no new dupes emerge so we can all play normally again :)

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It's quite possible to get 86 diamond blocks on a pvp server. Through a means of mining, killing, and trading, I have managed to rack up 73 diamond blocks myself. Though I haven't really put any time into diamond collecting for quite some time. The reality is when you have a map like this that has been up for quite some time most of the diamond is already mined out and is circulating through the players.

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