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Glitch abuse


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Yesterday (20th June) On the Minecraft server. The faction MLG attacked NMR, due to the fact that they took us by surprise and we were out numbed we retreated back to our old base witch is still claimed in the name of NMR) The fortress is virtually impenetrable due to its position in the side of a mountain and the number of layers on top of it were designed to withstand TNT attacks and creepers. Me (Catmilk) and Ilovehorseriding were attempting to wait out the siege in a room in-cased in 4 layers of cobblestone, a member of MLG somehow glitched through the 4 layers of cobble and killed us both. When i challenged them on it they said that it wasn't cheating and that using glitches like that is allowed. So this got me thinking, whats the point in keeping doors closed if they can just glitch through them? Whats the point if building tall walls that are 3-4 layers thick if they can just glitch through them? i think that you will agree that this cannot be allowed and MLG and any others who abuse glitches like this must either be told to stop doing so or be banned. Thank you for reading and i hope that you feel the same way about this issue which i must say bothers me deeply.

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Glitches give just about the same disadvantage as hacks, as not everyone can do it. It's pretty sad how even the admins don't give a shit. They say: "It's a fault in the MineCraft coding". That's basically saying hackers can hack, given that the hacks blocked are not allowed and the ones which can bypass the plugin, are. Duping is a fault in the MineCraft code, but it's a glitch, not a hack. What the bloody hell is going on?

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Oh pipe down Drainal. If you want me to start banning glitchers you're going to be the first to go anyway.

Please refer to the pinned topic when making a topic here in the Bans & Unbans forum.

Members are only allowed to reply to topics when they are involved.

Your warn level will be increased if you do not comply.

Its up to Clavus if he wants to remove pearls. But if they stay what on earth do you want me to do about stopping people glitching? We'd have no players left.

Also, what's stopping you sitting and trawling through bukkit plugins hoping to find one plug in that blocks all the hacks? I'll tell you I've tried it and there isn't one. Pure and simple. Unless we want to go down the route of the custom client install there's no way to guarantee someone has an unmodified .jar. You of all people should understand kids love to hack.

Instead of whining, constantly, and constantly, constantly bringing everything down. Why don't you switch on fraps and start recording some of these hackers? Perhaps that would be a wiser use of your time.

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