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Unban Hollyh57423

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Look, if I did X-ray, I'm sorry. I don't think I even touched X-ray but if that's what you say. I just miss the server and I want to go back. I look at every other faction server and none are as good as this one. If I did X-ray agai I'm very sorry. Please let me back, I'm 11 and I can't get the money to buy a new account :(

And sorry for the bad grammar, On my iPod.

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Congratulations! You got yourself banned for being such a blatant xray abuser. Good job missing the warning in our server welcome message. Your ban will be very likely be permanent, although you can still try your luck with an unban topic.

If you really want to get back on the server, buy a new Minecraft account and don't repeat your past mistakes.

Emphasis on the very, like said above. The only real option you have is to find/buy a new minecraft account. Sorry.

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So..Even though I didn't X-ray your still banning me? and how come when I try to log on it now says a different message. Before it said: You have been banned for abusing X-ray (Or another hack)! Now it says: You have been banned from this server! Why has it changed?

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