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A nice little chat with roborobb


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SneedBeard: where were you :P

SneedBeard: i missed you :D

RoboRobb: I went and got foot baybay :D

RoboRobb: hows things been ?

SneedBeard: you got foot? you mean you toke a walk? XD im confused... nothing muched

SneedBeard: just watched porn i saw you robb

RoboRobb: lol

RoboRobb: food i mean

RoboRobb: XDD

SneedBeard: ooo

SneedBeard: XD


SneedBeard: :o

SneedBeard: *blushes*

SneedBeard: XD

RoboRobb: Im only in midget and animal porn 8D

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