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Temp ban request for rrose5


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Server: Minecraft

I was in the town i built when rrose5 came and started firing off xp potions at me, i didn't care at first btu then a started to lag, as i don't have any recording software i took a series off screen shots that clearly show her holding and throwing xp potions.

I request that she is banned for a few hours as she did a great job ruining my game experience.






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how else r we supposed to raid in creative and IM A GUY. also u even admitted u have a crappy comp and thats y she lagged so y should i be banned for her crappy comp

My computer runs fine when people like you are not pissing about.

There's no point in raiding its in creative you retard.

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i find it bad that you try to get someone banned when you do it to catmilk

if rose got banned at all catkilk should to

I find it interesting that you didn't bother to explain the circumstances surrounding this event, if you recall you locked me in a room with no exit and I didn't realise I could tp away (our factions are enemy's) So me spamming xp potions at you was merely an attempt to make you let me out.

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